Tom Twers is becoming well-known on the internet – now his first single is out

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Tom Twers is a musician with heart and soul. The artist from Frankfurt reaches a large audience via social media. Now he’s releasing his first single.

Frankfurt – He is young, a musician and very active on the internet. “I started playing the piano and guitar when I was four. Later I took singing lessons and kept singing,” said the Frankfurt boy Tom Twers, who then also started break-dancing. In 2017 he discovered his next passion: social media. “That’s when I uploaded my first post to Instagram.” The number of his followers multiplied rapidly. “From that point on, I concentrated completely on making music and carried out what I do all day anyway,” says the 21-year-old.

Now he has taken another step and recently released his first single. It took time because he was refining his singing. “Right now, Justin Bieber’s music teacher, Mama Jan, is teaching me,” says Tom, who currently has more than 161,000 followers on Instagram alone. How else could it be taught is taught over the Internet. “We hold the lessons via ‘Zoom’,” says Twers, who is already noticing clear changes. “My voice has become much more relaxed.”

In 2018 he appeared on “The X Factor”. Featuring the song “2U” by Justin Bieber. At that time he also presented himself from his sporty side, showed some acrobatic interludes. “But you can tell that my voice wasn’t really developed yet,” says Tom Twers critically. “That’s why I’m very happy that I’ve only just released my first single,” he says. “I’ve been writing songs for two years and it took me time to learn. Now I’m so much the happier.”

He worked on “I’m missing something”, the title of the song, for more than a year – with producer Keno Serferagic, who already worked with Mike Singer. Meanwhile, Twers has 20 songs in the can, but doesn’t want to release all of them. With the song “I’m missing something” Twers processes the separation from his girlfriend, his first great love. “That’s why he’s so important to me.”

A second single will follow soon. “But I can’t say much about that at the moment because I’m in talks,” he says. “Until now I’ve done everything myself and often worked late into the night. But it was worth it because I’m very satisfied.”

Twers is currently studying at the Pop Academy in Mannheim. Live performances are not coming up in the near future – of course. But he never had many anyway, most of it went over the internet. That should change. Because Tom Twers put a band together “and we use the Corona time to practice to be fit this year”. Despite the crisis, the Frankfurter is living his dream. (Enrico Sauda)

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